Cord Blood


At Women’s Health of Mansfield we offer options for banking your baby’s cord blood.

What is cord blood?

The blood that remains in your baby’s umbilical cord after it has been cut is called cord blood and
is rich in stem cells. Today, stem cells are being used to treat over 75 diseases, including leukemia,
other cancers, and blood disorders. And researchers are working to develop therapies using stem
cells to treat conditions such as heart disease, juvenile diabetes, and brain injury, with the promise
of more to come.

Why should I save my newborn’s stem cells?

By choosing Cord Blood Registry ® (CBR®)  to save your newborn’s umbilical cord blood, you
can help protect the health of your child and other family members. In fact, one of the most
compelling reasons to bank these precious cells is that survival rates can more than double when
cord blood from a relative is used for medical treatment versus cord blood from someone outside
of your family. You only have one chance to collect and save your baby’s cord blood, which is
normally discarded after birth. The procedure is safe, painless, and poses no risk to the mother
of her newborn.

Who can benefit from my newborn’s stem cells?

Your baby will be a perfect match for the cells,  and the mother may also be able to use the cells
due to her carrying the child during pregnancy. The most common use for newborn stem cells has
been between siblings; however, any family member who is suitable genetic match benefit from

What are the odds that my child or family will need these stem cells?

According to published research, the odds that a child will need to use their own newborn stem
cells for current treatment during their lifetime are estimated at 1 in 400. Odds  that the newborn
or a family member may benefit from banked cord blood are estimated at 1 in 200. These odds do
not include the potential use of these stem cells to treat heart disease, diabetes, Parkinson’s, and
spinal cord injury. We believe the continued progress in medical treatments using stem cells will
greatly increase the likelihood of use by your baby throughout their life. Based on current data,
there is no “expiration date” for newborn stem cells.

We recommend Cord Blood Registry as the bank choose for your baby’s cord blood. Their number
is 1-888-CORD BLOOD and their website is