Signs of Pregnancy

-Missed period, perform home pregnancy test then confirm with physician’s test

-Breast tenderness, nausea, and sometimes change in sleep patterns

-Frequent urination, lower abdominal cramps, backaches, food cravings, and darkening of the areola.

Initial WHOM Pregnancy Handout

Illness and Medication Information

Trimester Development


Breast milk is the most nutritious substance for a newborn baby. It is closest to a perfect food for
development and optimum health. This miracle food has fatty acids  that encourage brain
development. Research data indicate that it helps prevent diabetes, childhood cancer, infections,
diarrhea, respiratory infections and more. Formula milk is not a beneficial to babies although it is a
good alternative for mothers who are unable to breast-feed. Mothers also benefit from
Some evidence suggests breast-feeding helps prevent against breast cancer or ovarian cancer
later in a woman’s life. Data indicate that women who breast-feed tend to regain the pre-pregnancy
weight sooner and to lose five pounds more the year after their delivery than mothers who do not
breast-feed. Breast-feeding classes are available to provide instructions and support to new


With uncomplicated pregnancies, it is fine to travel prior to the 36th week. Be sure to drink plenty
of water and stop for stretch breaks regularly.