Dr. Westerholm’s Resume

Erin Westerholm M.S., D.O., FACOOG, Board Certified in Obstetrics / Gynecology


  • John Peter Smith Hospital Fort Worth, Texas
  • OB/GYN Resident – Completed August 2006
  • Osteopathic Medical Center of Texas Fort Worth, Texas
  • OB/GYN Resident – PGY-3 / hospital closed (October 2003)
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine at UNTHSC/TCOM in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Graduation – May 2002
  • Master’s Degree at UNTHSC in Fort Worth, Texas
  • Integrative Physiology – 1998
  • Thesis:   Interactive Effects of Physical and Mental Stress on  Cardiovascular Control
  • Bachelor of Science at Texas A&M in College Station, Texas
  • Biomedical Sciences – Magna Cum Laude – 1997

Honors Received

  • Who’s Who Among Colleges and Universities 2002
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year 2002
  • Student DO of the Year 2001
  • Student DO of the Year nominee 2000
  • Outstanding Student Leader of the Year nominee 2000
  • Award for Outstanding Volunteer Hours in Community Health/Education 2000

Extracurricular activities


  • Class of 2002 President : 8th semester/graduation coordination, Match Party, Post COMLEX party, and Class Memos


  • Class of 2002 President: 5th semester coordination, Garage Sale Fundraiser, Class E-mail
  • MSGA 2nd Vice President: Student Advocacy, Bylaws, and Alumni Liason


  • Ambassador: Tours for interviewing students and guests to the school
  • Class of 2002 Vice President: Board Review informational seminar/organizer and Boot Party Committee
  • MSGA Executive Council Secretary: minutes and organizational activities
  • SOMA President: increased membership >80%, increased number of meetings, representative at National AOA/SOMA meeting in San Francisco
  • Emergency Medicine Club Second Year Representative







  • Student Advocates: birthdays (picture and interesting fact), Chair of Wedding and Engagement Celebration, holiday bags (Christmas, Halloween, and Valentine’s Day)
  • SOMA 1st Year Representative: Student representative at National Convention in Philadelphia, organized two spring lunch meetings (Organ Donor and NHSCE)
  • Class of 2002 Class Representative: MSGA (Activities, Student Organizations, and AOA Unity Campaign Committees)
  • Clubs: MPHI, AMSA, AAOWP, ACHE, SOMA, IMC, PEDS, EM, AMA, TOMA, SOAM, Sigma Sigma Phi Honor Society

Volunteer experience

  • Second Year Medical School: PROMISE ME President – TEX PREP summer program, Medusa Elementary Career Fair, Home School Mini Med. School, Mini Med. School for G/T, AHEC
  • First Year Medical School: Dunbar Mentor, Guest Speaker (three times), Mini Med. School (Physiology Lecturer), Shadow Program


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