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  1. Dr. Westerholm and her staff are all such wonderful people! I just had the Novasure procedure done a week ago and even the anesthesiologist and his assistants were awesome! Thank you Women’s Health of Mansfield for all of your hard work and commitment to having happy and healty patients!

  2. Dr. Westerholm and all of her staff are amazing! Prenatal care was great, as was the follow up after my
    Iittle guy was born. She has such a small town feel to her practice; everyone knew my name and my appointments were quick, but thorough. I have recommended her to a few other pregnant friends, and I know of at least 2 that have switched to her practice and loved her as well!

  3. Dr. Misamore and her staff are absolutely wonderful. They all treat me like a close girlfriend whenever I come in the office, they watch my angel when I come in for a check up, and they’re sensitive to what I’m going through when I’m in bc something didn’t go as planned. Dr. M has personally called me back more than once to discuss things with me and makes me feel like more of a friend than a patient when I come in. She is very warm and caring and I’ve seen her give other patients the same treatment. It honestly seem like she really knows every patient she has. This will be my office as long Dr. Misamore and her staff are here and Dr. Misamore will be my dr as long as she is working.

  4. I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Misamore. She is the best doctor I have ever had! Every time I visit, she spends an ample amount of time with me answering all of my questions, and addressing all of my concerns. Her bedside manner is excellent, she is always in a good mood, and it feels like she genuinely cares about you. During the week when I was not feeling well, I saw her in the office where she informed me that she was on call on the weekend. When I called, she called back within 20 minutes, and prescribed me more medicine. The only downside is that each office visit takes about an hour total, but it is well worth it to have my son through this practice. Dr. Misamore is the best!!

  5. Dr. Kaye Moore was so great and understanding. She did my first pap smear and I was terrified but she made it so comfortable for me and it was so quick!!!

  6. Dr. Westerholm has been a blessing to me and my family I have been going to her since May 2018 for both of my pregnancies and I can say she will be my obgyn for life never rushes me always takes her time I know I’m in best hands as my second baby is due in abt 7 weeks I will strongly recommend her office to any females…. the girls in her office are so much pleasant and different then any other office

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